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So who hasn't come up against a "brick wall" at some time or another with their research for long lost or unheard of ancestors. I certainly have, but thanks to generous help from other researchers I have managed to go back a couple of centuries with my family tree.

I originally started this website to have the information and links I needed for my own research in one place.

This website is not about giving away free ringtones, cheap flights on Ryannair or Easyjet but is about helping you with your family history searching.

My aim is to supply free information to other researchers.

The pages of this website, or links to other websites, are all pages that have been transcribed and are viewable online (no payment is needed !)

This website has a forum, so if you need a FREE lookup or want to assist others with finding their ancestors you are welcome to join in.

 Genealogy News Items  

Did you know that Google uses different search engines for local searches? This affects what answers Google gives you. If you are looking for something in UK use Google.co.uk, for Australia use Google.com.au

The GRO has now made the birth and death certificate pdf scheme permanently available http://www.whodoyouthinkyouaremagazine.com/news/gro-makes-birth-and-death-certificate-pdf-scheme-permanently-available?fbclid=IwAR0gcnOi3VFqXhiycr5to532DlLOrhxlsW63Ji8XuQve2GNAQ2pjD1m9nd0

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I don't encourage personal emails but occasionally people would rather not show their family connections online so I will accept private emails.  Please sign in to the forum so I may email you directly.

ALSO... this site has been going for over 18 years and you may find a link that is not working. Please use the forum to tell me if you find one.